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30+ Years of Infomation Management and Technology Experience

With over 30 years of information systems and technology experience, in both the private and public sectors, Exosomatic, LLC is a professional software development, information management solutions, and consulting services firm.

We have a passion for architecting, building, and delivering solutions, but we also believe in leveraging the best commercial and open-source frameworks and tools available. In fact, to be cost-effective and reliable, we believe frameworks, as starting points, are a must.

We are constantly assessing the ever-changing technology landscape, evaluating and testing the options, adopting and adapting what makes sense from time-to-market, cost, and delivery perspectives.

As an example, we consider SharePoint to be a powerful platform that can be extended with rich, collaborative applications. That is one reason our flagship products leverage SharePoint.

Exosomatic's History

David White
Exosomatic was established by David White, an information systems and technology leader with a highly diverse and respected executive, managerial, and technical résumé. During his career, David has served in progressively more responsible roles, both domestically and internationally, and in the private and public sectors. He has intimacy with a wide range of industries, complex business models, various industry standards and products, and solutions and technologies. For the last twenty years David has provided leadership to organizations in strategizing about Knowledge Management and in adopting best-practices and solutions to Knowledge Management challenges.

David holds Bachelor's of Mathematics and Master's of Computer Science degrees and certifications in Microsoft technologies. In addition to his role as Owner and CEO of Exosomatic, LLC, he is a Principal with CACI International, Inc. and is consulting as a Program Manager with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Why "Exosomatic"?

exo - From Greek έξω, meaning "out, outside or outdoors".
soma - From Greek σώμα, meaning "the body".
tic - From Greek τικός, tikos or τικώς, tikos, both meaning either "related to" or the Greek equivalent to the -ly suffix in English words.
exosomatic - From Greek έξωσώματικός, related to something outside the body or related to something on the outside of the body.

Our solutions extend and enhance existing solutions and frameworks. They are "exosomatic" systems or applications in relation to those existing solutions and frameworks.