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Exosomatic will provide answers to your support-related questions, including:

  • Problem isolation and identification for Exosomatic products;
  • Error message analysis and resolution;
  • Bug reporting and follow-up;
  • General advice on product issues involving licensing, installation, usage, operation, and functionality; and
  • Information on current releases, product compatibility, restrictions, enhancements, workarounds, and fixes.
If your support-related question(s) fall into the areas above, please contact us.

Support does not include:

  • Installation and ongoing support services;
  • Design and configuration services;
  • Debugging or inspecting non-Exosomatic products or implementations that contain non-Exosomatic developer or user-written code;
  • Training for administrators or end-users;
  • Network, system and SharePoint-related administration and troubleshooting unrelated to Exosomatic products;
  • Support of Exosomatic products on inadequate and non-standard technical environments; and
  • Technical support for end-of-life product releases, as defined by Exosomatic.
Please note that Exosomatic is highly experienced in working with, among many technologies, Windows Server and SharePoint administrators, developers, and end-users. For nominal fees, we can provide support in the areas excluded above. For more information about these options, please contact us.