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Exosomatic offers innovative, low-cost, low-risk information management solutions and services that bring benefits to private, government, and non-profit organizations.

We focus on Microsoft technology solutions and consulting services, including extending SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Exosomatic's has two flagship products:

The first is the Exosomatic Application Impact Analysis (AIA) app, a visual analysis tool that lets you (or your delegates) collect mission-critical information about your organizational applications ‐ where an "application" can have almost any definition ‐ and visualize how those applications interrelate. This creates the potential for seeing the overall impact if one or more of your applications are not meeting service-level expectations. For more information on the Exosomatic AIA app visit this product's page.
A SharePoint 2013-hosted app

AIA app image
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The second flagship product is our new Exosomatic Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) app, a tool that lets you create backpropagation (backprop) neural networks, train them with your determinate (known) data, and test (evaluate) your indeterminate (unknown) data with them. For more information on the Exosomatic ANN app visit this product's page.
A SharePoint 2013-hosted app

ANN app image
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We also offer the Exosomatic Program Management Dashboard Site Template, a custom SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 site template that in real-time, rolls up action items, risks, and issues from any number of projects' sites to a higher-level program management site; contains risks and issues assessment grids on each project's site that reflect assessments by the corresponding project manager; and contains real-time roll-up grids on the program management site, reflecting the risks and issues in the entire program portfolio. For more information on this template visit this product's page.

A SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 site template

Site template image
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SharePoint-hosted apps

Because the Exosomatic apps are deployed as a SharePoint-hosted apps, residing in isolated SharePoint webs, they mitigate risk to your SharePoint environment.

You also have the option of hosting the Exosomatic apps off premises with your preferred SharePoint hosting provider or in the cloud.

The Exosomatic apps use SharePoint lists to store your data; and so, you can take advantage of many of the out-of-the-box capabilities SharePoint offers, such Custom Views, RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds, Alerting, Social Tagging and Notes, Workflows and more.

Getting Started and Beyond

If you already have an instance of SharePoint 2013 ‐ on premises or in the cloud ‐ the Exosomatic apps are easy and fast to install and you can start using them immediately.

Of course, we realize every situation has special considerations and needs, and yours will be unique. We can assist you in the deployment of your instance and can even set up a hosted environment for your instance.

In addition, we can customize the Exosomatic apps to meet your unique needs.

To find out more, visit our Exosomatic Products page or the Apps for SharePoint Office Store or contact us for information and assistance.